Quick post…

Went shopping wiht my dad and other half sister. She lives in SC with her mom but came up for Christmas and is staying with my dad in NJ. We had fun. I came back home and cleaned the house for a few hours, did some laundry. The kitchen is pretty clean but I want to defrost and clean that thing we call a fridge (Own house in NJ in T minus 14 months or less!!!!) I dusted in the living room and a little in our bedroom, cleaned the bathroom. Still need to finish our room, living room and throw out old roommate’s unclaimed mail. Why the Spring cleaning now? Well I am trying to rid my life of clutter and since I had the energy and determination, I figured I should start. Also I want this place very clean before school starts back because things tend to pile up. Just bought Strategies and Tactics for the MBE by Emanuel and Walton. I’ve gotten a few good reviews.

Any way, Merry Christmas!!

I’m going to my mom’s house for dinner and then D and I will be going to his parent’s house! I hope to see little Stefan, he’s so sweet. Xenise and Josef won’t be there, they’re with their parents in PA. Still house window shopping! Love to you all.