Did my 47 minute workout this AM before I had to leave to take my final. it’s my 3rd workout day for the week. I also walked 15 blocks to the LIRR Nostrand ave station. That was not fun, I hate being hot and cold at the same time. I’ve walked much further distances so it didn’t phase me (south street seaport to 42nd st. one hot summer day, now that’s a real walk!!!). My final wasn’t too bad, it was all these short answer questions, kinda weird, not her usual style. Hoping for good grades but glad it’s finally over. Finalmente nada mas!!!!!!!!! I got home to damn jury notice, with some weird phone in instuctions for 1/11. Don’t they know a 3rd year law school student is not a good jury candidate. It could impact my career though if I insist that I’ll base my decision solely on jury nullification.