Finally got my voicemail back. Bank wouldn’t return my $33 but I did apply for an overdraft account so I’ll never have to worry about that fee again! I had one when I used to have a citibank account.

2006 will be my year!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so I’m graduating from the law school bitch in 2006

I intend to pass, NY, NJ and waive into DC bars.

If I pass the NY and NJ bars on the first shot, D says he’ll move wherever I want. you don’t know how many times we’ve faught about this!!!!!! I’m so happy. I’m going to be studying my ass off for these exams. I can’t wait for next year. I’m thinking we’ll move to NJ, probably buy a town house or Condo. I can’t wait. I feel positive for the first time in a long time. Thank you Jesus, there is a light, however small, at the end of this tunnel.



they postponed the Christmas show at my sister’s school to jan 5th. My mom isn’t going to go though because it’ll be kind of silly hearing holiday songs after Christmas and New Years.