OK So I can’t register until December 19th for the March 11th MPRE. So I just bought the Strategies and Tactics book by Emanuel (I think) that Liz suggested and I have the Supreme Bar Review MPRE book. It has 150 questions, the majority of which are supposed to come from old exams. I’m going to study for it on the weekends and from now until March. I also rescheduled my road test in Laurelton for January 27th. It’s a little easier in Queens and I need to pass. D has a new job oppotunity so please keep your fingers crossed for him. It isn’t huge pay however he could finish college for free and that would save us so much money and drama. He’ll only have his 10K to pay back from when he was in school before and I’ll have my 100K to pay back. LMAO. I will not be defeated. I will get my license and I will be admitted to practice in NY, NJ and then DC. Mark my words. If there’s breath left in me, I refuse to give up. This is just another snag in my cosmically convoluted life.