Had so much fun last night! D and some of his friends wanted to see Chronicles of Narnia. I didn’t really want to go and having failed my road test over bullshit I was not in the mood. So I told D I wasn’t going. He wasn’t too happy but said ok and he left. Awhile later his friend J called (he, his daughter and I all have the same birthday) and asked why I wasn’t going and suggested I go since no one was expecting it. LOL so I decided to go afterall. So J drove to the movie theater. Why D continues to pick the most ghetto movie theater, I don’t know. The Court Street Stadium is always full of like 15 year olds no matter how late the movie. So we get there, go up the umpteen escalators to get to the theater (D is already there holding seats). He was so surprised when he saw me. He’s so silly he was acting upset that I didn’t come to the movie when he asked but I did after J called, lol. We had fun; the movie was great. Then D was mouthing off in the car about playing pool and kicking my ass. So we ended up swinging by the pool hall for a quick game (lol turned into 4 games). Me and J against D and R’s girlfriend, S. R didn’t want to play, he wanted to go to sleep. It was fun, I got in some good shots and I even saw the pool stick D is going to get me. It’s purple of course and he knew exactly which one I meant when we saw them. The guy behind the counter got the weird dark purple one down and we were both like “no, not that one.” LOL. He knows me so well. Why is it that in the last game, on like my first shot, I somehow, hit a bank shot and sink the 8 ball? Game over, and I lost. Funny thing is, I can never sink the 8 ball when I win the game.