I was sitting here, trying to get back into my outlining “groove” when D comes in and tells me my mom is on the phone…she says “I have some bad news” of course my heart stops. Friend with cancer, I posted about her before. She was in her 40s maybe, instantly I start bawling, she doesn’t really have to finish the statement. I never did get to call her and tell her how much she helped me when I worked at the hospital. How the shift was bearable and flew by when she was there with me, how I felt like a part of her family. She was a truly great woman and leaves behind a family and many friends. I will miss you Wendy.

At my age I have experienced much loss, both grandmothers, great grandmothers, others that I don’t speak of, but always think of. Yet this is different. I don’t know how many people will understand since she wasn’t a relative but I wish I had my cry mask right now because I know when I wake up, my eyes might be swollen shut. Please pray for Wendy’s family.