My last day at my externship; I feel strange. I met many nice people here and it will be hard to not have to come here anymore. Someone I like that works here is leaving soon. Moving out of state. I finally applied for interviews at the NYU Public Interest Law Job Fair in February. There are a few companies there that I am interested in meeting. I applied for 12 interviews. Only one in NJ and One in DC. I don’t know if I want to move to DC because I know D is not going to move there with me. I doubt I’ll get the job but if I do it will be pretty strange, D and I living apart during our first year of marriage. I would want to work there for at least 2 years. We’ll worry about that if it ever comes to fruition. Had my follow up at the doctor yesterday; I have very bad allergies. Funny thing is, I’ve been told this for years, but I guess I’ve grown accustomed to it because I rarely notice it. I got Claritin and she wants me to take it for 30 days every day. After I see her in February for my first physical in possibly 3 years (right before I started law school). I’ll get blood work and I asked her to remember to check my TSH (thyroid levels). I still think I might have a slight thyroid imbalance causing my weight issue. I did 4 hours at my work study job on Wednesday and I will work there during the week on Tuesday and Wednesday then I will start back on December 23rd or 26th after my finals are over. I only have 4 this semester but geez that’s still a lot of studying. NY Practice is on the 12th and I dread that test. We’ll see how I end up this time. I’m sort of calm about it even though hysteria has set in elsewhere. Where this Zen-ness is coming from I don’t know. It’s not apathy because I know that I do care, I just don’t have it in me to freak out right now. It’s funny. I haven’t been able to cry lately either. I usually have a “breakdown” moment but that hasn’t happened since first semester of 2L. I didn’t cry at my friend’s wedding, her awesome wedding video, my mother’s wedding or anything. Is this maturity or my heart hardening? Maybe it is the former. I have felt some emotionalality in relation to other people talking about terminally ill family members and I also almost cried at Thanksgiving when we were doing our usual going around the table discussion of what we are thankful for this year. I got emotional about how happy my mom is right now. So now what? I’m still at my externship, haven’t gone to lunch because I’m not really hungry. I’ve been eating too much crap anyway so skipping a meal today won’t hurt me. I’ll be having oatmeal for dinner tonight. My own choice. I love that the last semester of law school is fast approaching yet I am slightly terrified. It’s so close but I know that I can do it. I can pass the Bar (both NY and NJ) in July. Then I’ll go on a fab vacation. Maybe a cruise. My brain will need the rest.