Just when I thought I would be stuck for the rest of my life doing soemthing I do not want to do, an answer comes to me. I was speaking to another student yesterday and he mentioned that someone he knows works for a firm but also works getting minority businesses financing and setting up business plans for them. I was just doing that the other day for D an his friend, who want to start a construction business together. I was giving them different strategies to get more business when they finally start the company as well as a basic plan for how to proceed. Well I was speaking to someone else today, and I now feel like I have a viable option as an alternative career. I am considering starting a consulting business. I am hoping to find some insight and possibly others who have similar businesses. I may ask for the contact information from the student I was speaking to yesterday. I still would like to work in employment law or family law but if that doesn’t work out, I think I’ll stick with this business. I never wanted to work for other people for my entire life, so hopefully this will work for me.