More and more each day, I believe that God will provide. It is so true. I never understood it until now. I’m broke. I keep saying it but it’s so true. So why did I get to pay $1 from each ride on the train/bus the last few days and I also took the air tain to the airport and it only cost about $12 round-trip to the airport and back vs. $60 rountrip in cabs. I got a free holiday ticket roundtrip from the LIRR so I didn’t have to pay for the ride from Brooklyn to Jamaica to catch the airtrain.  How bout I got a free breakfast at the hotel restaurant yesterday morning since the waiter told me not to worry about it, my friend’s mom picked me up from teh airport and gave me money to take a cab back since it was close to checkout time, how bout the amount she gave me was $21 and the cab ride cost $20.97. I’ve been looking for part-time jobs and realized that I need something now. How bout I asked about work study and found out I have more than enough in my budget and the first office I asked was more than happy to tell me I can work there (Bursar’s office) and I might be able to work there over the break. I feel blessed, truly and for those that don’t believe, I wish you could experience what I have, then you’d know.