So my friend gave me this ink blot test last weekend (since she’s in grad school for psych) and she told me what her mentor said from my answers. He said I’m intelligent, I tend to worry about things, I  have a stronger relationship with my mother than my father but my relationship with both is good (lol, as compared to the other subjects, but in reality I don’t agree). So how he could tell that I’m intelligent I don’t know. I am at the point where I don’t know if I want to keep practicing law. I just feel like it’s much more work than it’s worth in some ways. I would stay in it if I got an in house counsel job but other than that, I’m not liking my options. In my clinic class we did this thing. The professor was showing the real salary a lawyer makes. He used a LI firm, salary of like 63K billables of 2200 and I think it’s called like efficiency 65% (mainly how much of his time at work is dedicated to billable activities) and after all the calculations, the salary came out to $18 an hour. How sad after all those years of schooling and almost inevitable mountain of loans, $18 per hour. I might get one of those career books that tell you what you can do with a law degree.