I’m sick! Not just bullshit sniffles sick. I have some ear infection, strep throat (again), and a sinus infection. Isn’t that great. I woke up feeling like I had the flu this morning but still draged my ass to school. Didn’t go to my externship again but I knew I wouldn’t make it. I have so many prescriptions. I hate antibiotics. Sometimes they make me feel worse than the actual illness. Maybe I’ll lose some weight. lol

There’s a Lucille Roberts opening up near where my mom lives. It’s not far from where I live so we are thinking of going over there to sign up when it opens. She is going ot bring my sister with her too. My sister isn’t even 8 yet and she weighs over 100 lbs. I spoke to my dad about getting me a car again. I told him I want a civic, a camry or a maxima. I hope he gets it soon.