so of course I have to wait until Monday to find out what the phone call was for. Went out to breakfast and shopping with my good friend R. We had lots of fun, then she practiced her weird inkblot testing on me. I came back home and then had to go straight to driving and now I’m back home. Tomorrow I am going to a luncheon/fashion show that is an AKA event. D’s sister-in-law (brother’s wife) is an AKA and soshe invited me to go. It is in LI somewhere. it has been so nice being busy on the weekend. Even though I have less time to clean and stuff, it’s not like I usually clean when I am home on the weekends anyway. I can’t wait for my dad to buy me a car. The insurance is going to be a problem as Geico and Allstate quoted me at $1200 for 6 months. If I do get this job then I’ll have no problem paying insurance in NY.