MPRE was today! That test really is something. Why you need 85 to pass now, I’ll never know. they make it to difficult. I think I might have passed. LOL. We’ll see in December. I am so frustrated with stuff. my mom is now getting married on Sunday, yeah as in two days from now. I am going to this class tomorrow. I still have not hear from UC (unnamed company) and I register for my LAST semester of law school on Tuesday. Hopefully I’ll get a clinic so I’ll only need to write a paper for independent research (if I can find an advisor) and NY Practice II, trust and estates and Justice. I think I’ll only have two finals. Which seriously is great because that means less studying and stress around finals time.

Oh how I love my fiance’s mother. Yes I said love. We get along really well. So we were talking today and she was asking about our wedding plans and saying that she’d like to help a little and she even asked  me about my wedding dress and whether I’ve decided what I want yet. I told her about the dress I’m considering having made. It would be $875 in silk satin. Gorgeous dress. I’m considering having it made in platinum instead of traditional white or, ivory or diamond white. I’m not sure how well it will go with my complexion so I will have to try on a similar color and see what it looks like. SO anyway she was asking me to let her know if I find something that is more expensive that I love. How sweet is that! Ok. Going to see “Saw II” tonight. I didn’t see the first Saw in the theaters though. Me skeert.

ETA: D called me and we’re going on a triple date tomorrow night after I get back. We’re going with two of his guy friends and their girlfriends. LOL. We’ve rarely gone on “dates” with other couples. I hang out with him and his friends sometimes and other times he hangs out with me and my friends. LOL so you know I have to look cute. LMAO I’ll make some semblance of an effort.