Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Dinner was fab! I won’t comment on anything else except that the night ended with me drinking cranberry and voka and yelling that I’m a  loser. Still no word from that unnamed company. I don’t know what to think but I think I am done. I am tired of worrying and beating myself up. I have done all that I can in this life and worked very hard. Whatever comes my way is fine. I guess I’ll have to start sending applications out again. I’m not calling them back until next week if I haven’t heard anything. If I end up sitting at home waiting for my bar results, fuck it! I’m done bitching about needing a job. Whatever happens, happens. Oh and I realized that I should not get drunk, I’m not a happy drunk or at least if I’m not happy before I drink, it just augments my already crappy mood. So maybe I should only drink when I’m happy. Problem is, when I am happy, I don’t want to drink. LOL. Maybe I should stay happy.

I had my graduation audit today. I am officially, barring any unforseen circumstances, a May 2006 JD graduate.  I have a few requirements to get out the way though, but I wasn’t surprised by any that she listed, I’ve been working on them.