Saw this on Keisha’s site and thought it I’d do something similar


Facts about me


I have weird crooked fingers as in when I stick my hand out and “straighten” my fingers, the curve upward. My thumbs are the worst; they make the shape of an L almost.


I’ve never smoked anything cigarettes or otherwise, not because I’m a prissy, stuck up, good little girl, mainly because cigarettes stink and I figure if the smell bugs me now, it would be worse if I was actually smoking them, that and when I was a little kid I always thought that if I did anything bad I would get caught, so I saved myself the trouble. Oh and a perfect example of why a law student should not smoke anything other than cigarettes, some one I know is up for this federal job and they of course want a drug test, said individual was trying to figure out how quickly that stuff passes out of your system and not show up on a drug test. I cannot afford to have issues like that. The time has passed for such experimentation.


My life is pretty boring. I’ve never done anything really crazy before and sometimes that saddens me. I mean I feel like I’m too old for that stuff especially now that law school is almost over.


I cheated on an ex once. It was a weird situation and I don’t really consider myself a willing participant but I could’ve left but felt like I couldn’t. LOL I was what 15 at the time and not that smart I guess.


I miss wearing my really short skirts. I used to wear the shortest skirts imaginable (short without being obscenely short though) like one time I wore this dress to school, I was in 3 inch heels and the dress was actually above the guidance counselor’s desk when I was standing in front of it (the desk). She couldn’t really say anything though; it was the last day of class. LOL


I’m a shopaholic but I think everyone knows that by now. I am pretty good at containing it though. I don’t spend money I don’t actually have.


I am terrified that if I have kids I’ll be fat. I’m not loving all this extra “cushion” right now so I’m sure I won’t love even more of it after having kids. Maybe I’ll be lucky and drop the weight easily (we should all be so lucky).


My fiancé’s the only one who’s ever been “that special”; before we met I seriously could care less about sex and had no curiosity about it. Isn’t that weird for a 15/16 year old?


If it wasn’t for law school and college I’d have zero debt. I rarely leave balances on my credit cards and avoid debt like the plague (except for school related debt obviously).


I secretly wish I could either have a super simple, cheap wedding in a pretty garden just him and I or a ridiculously expensive extravagant wedding at a mansion/castle.

Last one for now, I am seriously considering liposuction. No one really thinks I look bad but me and my opinion essentially is the only one that matters. D and I discussed it and he says he won’t try to stop me even though he’s against it. It’s my money and body. Although he will not be so nonchalant if I seriously wanted a nose job. He reminds me that Michael Jackson has far more money than I and access to the world’s best plastic surgeons, and we all know how that turned out.