Dinner at Ruth Chris went well. 3 interviews for 30 minutes each. I knew 2 of the interviewers and by November 1st (ha ha my birthday) there should be a decision. There were at least 10 candidates for the 2 or 3 positions in the legal associate program there. I am dying. I want this job so bad, it’s quite sad. We’ll see if I get it. I heard there’s a rumor that it pays way more than I thought it would. If it’s mine I’ll get it.


OK so to elaborate. About 5 of us who were summer interns interviewed today. I got a few wacky questions but everyone was very nice. One tough question “how do you approach an issue when you don’t have all the facts or don’t know what the outcome will be” My answer…”I would use my best judgment and also consult someone with more experience in the area for guidance as to how to approach the issue.”  Yeah that’s how it went down. Funny thing, they told us business casual attire and of course we all wore suits! LMAO I would’ve been pissed it I just had pant and a blouse on. I was the only one in a skirt suit though which considering these are all law school students, was surprising. All in all, I think I did well. I looked professional and I think I sounded good so two weeks. Luckily for half of next week I’ll be in Myrtle Beach. Booked the tril today, we have an oceanfront room, hopefully with a king size bed instead of the two queens but we have a queen here at home so it won’t be any different.