too much stress! I am freaking out, the realization that I am graduating in less than a year is fraking me out. My mom’s wedding is in less than 2 weeks. I have the MPRE on Nov. 4, my birthday is on Nov. 1st. I have my interview on October 18th. Get this, I have 3-30 minute interview with 3 senior managers. What will I be talking about with 3 different managers? I’d love to know! D has his LIRR test on October 17th. I am starting to get a cold. Whenever I get stressed out, I start getting a cold. Airborne (that crap that is supposed to prevent colds) does not work!!!!!!!!! I’ve been ODing on Vitamin C, airborne and hoping that I don’t get sick. I’m not getting enough rest either so I think that’s messing with my immune system. D comes home tomorrow. It feels like he’s been gone forever. Yuck, here I go about to have my second cup of lemon tea with honey.