today I did the treadmill and some weights. 1.6 miles 😦 28.56 minutes 200 calories 62.7 fat at 3.0-4.0 mph. Work was ok today, I learned about nondisclosure agreements. I had an interesting experience at Duane Reade today. LOL. What is up with this whole terrorist scare on the subway. I was reading that Metro newspaper today, they find the stupidest people to make comments in there, honestly. I mean they did a poll of what office Rudy Giuliani should run for Mayor or President? Is it me or is prohibited from running for mayor again? So whatever, I can’t stand him I mean these people were saying oh he was so good for NY, he had programs for minorities. LOL yeah ok and rounding up the homeless around Christmas time was to make them safe right? Yeah I’m sure it had nothing to with the rich tourists that don’t want to see “those” type of people.