So when I was a little kid, I loved being alone because I could focus on introspection and learning about myself. Yet, now that I am alone. I’m depressed. Today is day 1, 9 more to go. He left a special message to me on the fridge on our dry erase board. It made me smile. It just drives me nuts that he’s gone for so long and here I am stuck. I am going to do laundry, clean the kitchen and bathroom and my treadmill for awhile. I didn’t cry too much today. Just when he left. So I guess I am growing up. I think I cried because he said he saw all these shows with plane crashes this weekend so of course I was a little freaked out. I told him if he didn’t come back I’d come after him. LOL. No school for 2 days! I get my hair done tomorrow and I really need it too.

So does drama follow you or do you eventually realize that it must be you if drama appears everywhere? I am starting to wonder that. I don’t think I crave drama, I think sadly, it is attracted to me, like a magnet and metal.


:Edit: 8 pm

So I got the laundry done and my treadmill time. Not sure I’m going to get the cleaning done tonight, maybe when I get back tomorrow.

Miles: 2.61

Time: 46:10 minutes

Fat: 115

Calories: 368

I ran about 3.5-4 MPH and walked at 3-3.5MPH and I ran two 1/4 miles (not in a row but it’s a start).