They finally called him back to take the next round of testing for the LIRR!!!! They were supposed to call him around August 22nd, ok so they are more than a month late. Of course he’s going on vacation to Florida for 12 days starting on Monday. You have no idea how pissed I am that he will be basking on the Miami sun, while I’m here, doing school work. But now he has to study while he’s there too. I hope he does well. I have been praying for them to call him back and now they have. I hope this is the last test before he actually starts training! Externship is going ok for the day but I don’t feel so well. I can’t wait to go home. I didn’t even show up to my externship or go to school yesterday. I didn’t leave the house. I did get to see my fiance’s mother. We had a nice chat and watched some TV. She’s so funny. I am glad we get along because there are so many people in my own family that I do not get along with. Did the treadmill again last night. Being a n overachiever is so funny sometimes because you just keep pushing yourself. I did 40 minutes, around 3-4MPH and 238 calories. I am becoming addicted. I am going to ride this wave because eventaully I will probably get lazy again. did I mention that fiance’s mom likes the treadmill, she says she’s going to use it on the days she comes to visit. She bought us some groceries the other day, it was so sweet to come home and see we actually had eggs. LOL they were finished last week and we haven’t been to the supermarket yet.