Is fear a good thing? I am wondering this because I am starting to become afraid of getting married, not that I don’t want to get married but because I don’t want to get divorced and I want to be happy in my marriage. I just don’t know why I feel this way. I love him, I feel like I’ve loved him forever but he does get on my nerves. LOL. Why, he’s a different person and that’s it. We argue a lot we go through cycles. Every so often we go through months without fighting but then something starts it off. Why do I love him? He’s my best friend. When anything good or bad happens, he’s the first person I want to call. He supports me; I sometimes think my education means more to him that it does me (well not really but it’s almost even). We have fun together, a lot of fun even though we don’t see each other much because of his work schedule and my school schedule. He makes me laugh more than anyone else. He does little nice things for me, not necessarily what one would consider conventionally romantic things, but nice things that make me smile. He gives me compliments all the time. He always tells me I’m beautiful and sexy. We mostly want the same things out of life including a house, kids, investments, travel and to be happy. We do have problems compromising which in some ways doesn’t bother me too much because we’re both strong personalities and so neither one of us cowers down to the other. So overall I know I love him, and I know it will work if we keep working at our relationship. You know I feel the safest when I’m lying in his arms. So I guess fear isn’t too bad, it keeps you aware of the situation. Honestly, I usually refuse to fail, if it’s inevitable I’ll fight the good fight till the end, I will carry this over into my marriage. We are going through a slump right now because our schedules are so different. Before I started back with school this semester we would watch TV for 2 hours every day. Sometimes we’d do something else, but we generally had a deal to spend that much time together. It’s not much time but I enjoyed it. Now he’s going to be traveling a lot without me, because he can. He has the vacation time and I don’t oh well. At least we have the Bahamas and maybe we’ll also have Sicily next fall or Trinidad after I take the bar. Anyone have any advice?