So I start my placement for my clinic tomorrow and did I mention I am very nervous. I always get nervous and apprehensive and then once I’m in it, I love it. I love working much more than when I’m in school. I heard I’ll be doing a lot of commercial transactions at work. So I’ll be working Thursday afternoons and all day on Friday. I’m also hoping that next semester I can work in surrogates court. See last year I was one of 6 chosen to intern with the Manhattan Surrogates Court but the corresponding class had a pre-req I hadn’t taken. So I have to re-apply but that looks good on your resume, know what I mean? So a judge called me today. I sent out my resume and writing sample to her and another judge on Monday and she called because she’s not getting any grad clerks but since I knew someone who worked for her before, she decided to call me personally. She said if she does have any positions allotted to her, she’s give me a call back. Grrr I’ve been on 0 interviews and I refuse to sit at home till I find out I passed the bar. I also refuse to postpone this wedding any longer. I mean should I wait until our 10th anniversary! LOL I’d only have to wait another year. Nope, we’re getting married in 2007 even if we have to take my shoes and that off white dress I posted and get married in Vegas.