Yay! I’m so happy right now. I wanted these earrings for Christmas, so Damian said he’d pay the majority of the cost. So I found a great deal. I ordered them from the same place that my diamond from my engagement ring came from. So I get a voice mail yesterday, that the diamonds had been sold that same day I ordered the earrings. (they are custom made) so anyway, I was pissed and I emailed the guy saying, I am upset, I really wanted those earrings and the prices of the ones they send were hundreds higher than the ones I wanted before, I was only prepared to spend 1K. LOL So he emailed me today and the sales director said I could get them for the 1K total. The white gold setting alone was $100 so I’m getting each diamond for about 450 when one really costs $600 and the other was over $550. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to get them. The total carat weight is almost 3/4 carat. They should be here by Tuesday! Yes I know Christmas is far away but we do that to each other sometimes.


ETA: totally forgot that I got a dress to wear to my mom’s wedding. I went back to Loehmann’s to get a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding in November and I saw the dress. It looks great but I need to have it taken in a bit.


I got this white dress too. I have no idea where I’m going ot wear it, maybe when we take engagement pictures.


My wedding shoes came today. I love them.