OK going to bed. I am going to San Antonio to my friend’s wedding in November. I am excited. I bought my ticket and hotel stay today! I signed up to be a Pieper Rep today. A lot of people practicing in the field have said that Pieper is the better bar course. Some of them took Pieper after they failed the bar once and then did well with Pieper. I have to sign up 8 students to get the free bar course though. Do you know how expensive it is? Right now I am getting it for $2595 before the discount. With the discounts and what I already paid to Barbri, I think it’s about $2000. I need to get 8 people though. I also am going to have to sit at the table for 2 hours every wednesday. I have two hours free between classes so it works perfectly. Cross your fingers that I get 8 people or if you know anyone at my school looking to sign up, send them my way!