LOL People. I really have no desire to be a stripper! There’s a story that goes along with that comment. My fiance’s friend is a personal trainer and I was explaing how I’m not getting as many results as I would like in the 2 months I’e been working out. I was pointing out though, that my saddlebags are gone/going and now I can wear certain skirts that made them look so obvious that I left the skirts in the closet for over a year. So I was explaing how before, when I’d contract my butt, the saddlebags would disappear, so now I know they are much better because I hardly see a difference when I contract my ass. LOL So any way, his response was “have you ever considered becoming an exotic dancer?” He said that supposedly not that many people can contract their asses? Is that true? I’ve always been able to do that. Oh and yes I can make it clap. LOL I can also move my pecs like a guy and now they move on their own sometimes since I’ve been working out more. So there’s the story. Also once a guy actually gave me a flyer, I thought it was for a party but when I read closely it was for “adult entertainment and/or stripping” Yuck!

Good News though! In one of my classes we have these group quizzes. Every week a new group is selected and has to answer questions related to buisness and tech developments. So this week my group was called, keep in mind I almost didn’t go to class after my crappy MPRE score news. So my group is called, I know like none of these people, but luckily they are all smart. We got all 10 questions right. I only knew the answer to 1 question but a few folks were like that too. This one girl got like 80% of the answers right. The 10 questions correlate to 10 points added to your raw class grade (pre-curve) so it’s really good that we got all 10 points. That could mean the difference between a B and a C even maybe a B+ with the curve.