So I failed the MPRE. I’m pissed but what can I do. Signed up to take it again in November, 3 days after my 24th birthday. Yuck!

I’m starting my MBE bar review in October. It’s only 3 sundays and I have modified schedules or no class the mondays after so it’ll work out.


Someone please give me a job! Ok I know i’m not top 10% of the class on all that and from my usual posts it may be had to deceifer that I actually am intelligent but I really am. I feel so dejected. I want to have a job by graduation. I decided that I am going t take the NY/NJ bar at the same time. The NJ bar is supposedly easier and it only tests on the MBE subjects so if I’m prepared for the MBE I should be fine for the 7 essays in NJ, plus it makes sense to take it at the same time because I’ll only take the MBE once vs. taking the NJ bar at a later time. So now I’ll have 3 days of bar exam hell come July. So yeah, if anyone wants to offer me a job as a lawyer come August, let me know. My only other viable options are stay at home mom (not ready for that shit), stripper (lol not my style though I’ve been told I’d be good at it) or bum!