I must be caffiene senstive. See I’m one of the few law school students who don;t drink coffee. My new diet pill makes me have a dull headache. I will get over it though because I need to get rid of some of this weight. 1 more class to go today. So bar prep for the MBE (multiple choice section) starts soon. I am goin got have to do it all day on Sundays. It’s only 3 sundays for the semester. I could’ve done it on wed/thurs. 3 of each but then I would have issues full-filling my 12-15 hours a week at my externship. So now part of my weekend, right before the day of hell aka Monday (8 hours of class back to back). This also includes the Saturday that my mom is getting married. I don’t want to miss class that monday so I hope that class times will be changed or something. In October because f all these Jewish holidays, the schedule is changed. It’s only for October so I should be ok. Just had a long chat with a friend. LOL. last class of the day in T-30 minutes!