Another week and half until I find out if I passed my MPRE. I signed up to be a poll worker months ago and they sent me this card to go for training. I was supposed to go last Friday, of course I remembered to look at the card on Tuesday (this) morning. I am a genius. Forgot my engagement ring this morning. It’s sitting on my dresser right now. I could’ve gone back to get it, but would have been late. If well, feel really strange not wearing it. School is so ridiculous right now, I don’t want to be here. One more class for the day and then I’m out! So why did my dad play himself and tell me (hopefully jokingly) that we should charge people to come to our wedding. D said we should charge him 2K to come since he actually said that. Once again, my dad’s proven I am not a priority and yet he complains about his 3 houses and car note (less than 3K left on it) and then he changes the subject when I tell him we put a deposit on a venue. Can I disown my own father? I may honestly walk down the aisle by myself. My parents are too much, you really have no idea. Still don’t have my placement for my externship. I doubt I’ll be working other than at the externship this semester. I need to focus on school so that I can get out ASAP. 1 hour till class and I have 0 motivation but to get the hell out of this place right now. So my fat burners are still not here. Maybe they’ll be there when I get home. My stomach is coming along and on friday I actually wore a skirt I didn’t wear when I bought it last summer (2004). My saddlebags were just too obvious back then. Now they are getting better. Hopefully in another 2 or 3 months, I’ll stop complaining about it. No weight loss yet. I’m getting over that because at least I look better, but I will give the fat burners the 2 months to work and see what happens after that.