I am addicted to shopping and food.

Geez. In the last week I have purchased my diet pills, fat calipers, a scanner, some clothes on sale from Guess Factory, Custom made jeans from Tommy Hilfiger, coach scribble print duffle bag (figure I’ll need something not too big for out trip to the Bahamas and it’s only for 3 days), now I am negotiating a new black Coach Hampton Sachel bag. I offered $150 but seller wanted $175 I think. We’ll see. I did negotiate with the duffle bag seller to end the auction early so it was $111 with shipping. Anyone know where there’s a shopper’s anonymous? I think my issue is that when I have money, I save but I also allow myself to spend because I can afford it. I got my last work check today and it is much bigger than I expected, so I figured I deserved yet another bag. I’m becoming such a friggin girl. What next? I’ll actually wear makeup every day again? See back in high school, I was a total prissy girl. Makeup every day, heels in the snow (how I never broke anything, I’ll never know), the whole thing. Then in college I became a bum because I cared more about getting to class on time and studying than being cute and I figure I’m naturally cute enough so who cares. Don’t get me wrong though, I wear jeans rarely wear sweats in public and have never (even for an 8 am class or final) worn pajamas to class, but I’m not super girly anymore. I seriously need a 50K+ job to deal with my habit. I think I can swing that at least.


Also before anyone goes to chastise me. I did give $50 to the United Way for Hurricane Katrina relief.