Thanks to all the people who offered their thoughts to me yesterday. I do feel much better today. Friend emailed me last night and told me that the guy gets checked every 6 months i.e. they checked him in March 2005 and he was fine. Now cancer is all over. Life really is just that short? Damn. Like I said, I do feel better, not sure why. Usually when I feel bad and go to sleep, I wake up better the next day. God’s gift to me. The hurricane is crazy isn’t it? I saw that man on the news too. Couldn’t hold on to his wife. I felt so bad because he was so distraught over his wife, he looked like he blamed himself also. So sad. I think the American Red Cross is collecting donations. I am going to check and see if amazon has a fund set up. That’s how I donated to the Tsunami fund last year. Please donate or help if you can everyone.

School is what school is. I need to get my act together and end my law school career strong. Stronger than ever. I think I can do it, I just need to be consistent and stick with it. I am going to start doing my old exams that are on reserve early, like in a week or so. I am starting the bar prep here at school in two weeks. I need to get the multistate down and I am not great with multiple choice questions. I think I will be ok though. Still stressed about getting a job but I have narrowed down some more contacts and spoke to the professor that helped me out last year. Game plan is set, time for execution.

Don’t waste your life. It’s easy to say but honestly there are many ways to waste a life. Having a job you hate, staying in a dead-end relationship, letting others abuse you physically, mentally or emotionally. Life is too short to deal in drama and bull, make yourself happy. Put yourself first. Make yourself someone you can be proud of. Laugh as much as you can, even at yourself!