Want to know how to make 10 minutes feel like 2…………Go to sleep. LOL. I woke up at 6:22 am and cursed this Monday. I went to bed around 12 and yet I still felt like I did not get enough sleep. In class again. On the 5th hour now. I have a break at 2:15 and I’m going to lunch with a friend. What a nice respite. So tired right now. I think I want a burrito for dinner tonight. Maybe I’ll be good and only eat half since those steak burritos are huge. We’ll see. Only two classes tomorrow, thank God. D is still studying hard. He has all the terms down and needs to learn 6 more of the 9 signals. No call back from the LIRR yet though. Not much else going on right now.


ETA: D and I decided that since our 10th anniversary will be right before our 1st wedding anniversary, we are going to go to Venice for it. I thought it was fitting and D liked the idea. I have wanted to go to Venice for years. Everytime I see it on travel shows and in pics, it takes my breath away. D and I want to do lots of travelling so I think once we can afford it at least once a year we’ll be going somewhere different. We need to go back to Atlantic City, he’s not big on gambling but I love AC. I used to go every summer with my mom for a few years. We’d go shopping at the mall shaped like a ship, there was usually a fair on the board walk. Good memories. Back to class.