In class right now. So tired of school and it’s day 3. Did resume drop for on campus interviews. Only going for about 6 places. Three firms and three Gov’t/DA Offices. I hope I get a job soon. For the BLSA job fair, I put in 15 bids for interviews. We’ll see if I get any good interviews. I know I have God on my side. I just don’t want to get stressed out. It’s nice only have two classes a day. I am still dealing with Senioritis. I am doing my readings but not as diligently as I would like. I’ll keep at it. I heard my Clinic professor gives out As all the time and a few A-s when you don’t do to well. I love hearing that, I haven’t had one of those professors in law school yet. I tend to get the ball-busters, but aren’t most law school professors ball-busters? LOL