Completed my third workout day for the week! I am proud of myself. 5 full weeks of working out. I am trying to decide on my new rotation schedule after I finish out this 2nd month. I have so many workout videos and DVD that I can fingure something out. I am giving myself until Christmas. By Christmas I should be in maintenance mode. If not, I may go nuts and do 2 hour workout days. Lets think positive. By Christmas  will have worked out consistently for 6 months and hopefully the hoodia and workoing out will get rind of the 15-20 pounds.

How did I not post this! We have a reception venue. It is gorgeous. It is in Queens but not to far away from Brooklyn. We have not signed a contract yet but the price is really good and it is gorgeous. I will post pics.

Fountain in the lobby

The Lobby

reception room set up like a chapel. D wants to get married in a church so we probably won’t use a chapel. We are now getting married on Friday night. It will save us $7 per person. For only 100 guests that saves us about 1K with taxes. We may be in that room though. Here’s a pic set up with tables.

Isn’t it gorgeous. I think it holds up to 130. We are only inviting max 110 not including the kids that are invited.

D loves this room, especially because of the chandelier but I don’t like the blue and red.

We both like this room too. I really like the first room best though.

We are going back to put the deposit soon and for D to see it in person. I tried to take as many pics a possible so that he could feel like her really saw it but I totally understand him wanting to see it in person too. It’s a beautiful place. I still want to decorate with nice flowers and votives. I want a romantic feeling, lower lights and all. I am getting so excited!