yet another workout day! It was rough today. But I did my 51 minute Firm DVD. The Firm is a killer, but it is worth it. Thetop of my stomach is starting to get definition, little cuts. Still way too much fat but I see something. My legs are stronger and so are my arms. I have a little muscle in my arms. I am going to start taking some supplements like Flaxseed oil and apple cidar vinegar. Not sure how well they work but I read about them on some bodybuilding websites. I need to curb my eating. I wrote down everything I ate today and it was a lot. I had to make myself workout today though because if I didn’t then I would have screwed up my workout week then that would have led me to ruin the month of steady working out. Anyone know what I can do to eat less? I’ve heard that drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal helps, but I usually pee right after I drink water so I’d never get through the meal. I’m thinking maybe dexatrim or some type of appetite suppressant but not sure if they are bad for you. I know ephedra is bad for you and I don’t want to get into too much caffeine. I don’t drink coffee often, it makes me wired and shaky when I drink it all the time.