The test today was tough. I think I did ok but I have to wait 5 weeks for the results. I did have a coughing fit and almost considered leaving the exam and taking my chances to see if I’d answeed enough questions to pass. I did finish half an hour early. I was the third or fourth person to leave. It felt weird not going to work. i sent out my thank you card to the head of the employment law division at my internship. I have two people coming to see the room today. Not sure either of them will work out. It has been so crazy trying to find a roommate.


ETA: We may have a winner!!!!!!! This girl V came and saw the room and is so interested. She is supposed to come back with the money for first month’s rent and security and a letter from her boss. We need proof that she actually has a job and will be paying the rent on time. So happy now! I feel blessed!


Good News!

D got a call back from the LIRR. He applied and took the prelim test about a year ago and they finally called him back. So around the 22nd they are supposed to call back to set up another test or interview. I hope he gets it. It is a lot more money and it’s a stable job. I would be so happy because then we might really be able to afford this wedding we are planning. We might even be a ble to have something really nice like we originially wanted and not so informal (read: cheap). I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying for him too. Not doing much this weekend. D is going to a wedding, there was some controversy over whether I was invited so I am not going, partly because I wouldn’t know that many people there and D would be hanging out with his guy friends.