I am such the typo queen. I really need to spell check everything. So today was my last day at work. I will miss that place. I will miss taking the ferry every morning and evening. I would love to work there after I finish school. So 1 professor posted the assignment for the first day of classes. I had her for two other courses and I already have the book because it’s a continuation class. All the other professors are stressing me out. My cold has progressed and mutated. So first I kept sneezing and had a runny or stuffy nose. So I though I had a head cold. Now today I am coughing violently. I am so happy that it happened the day before my exam. Don’t you love the kid that is coughing hysterically during an exam….I went to attempt to find a dress to wear to my mom’s wedding. I went to Macy’s on 34th Street, against my better judgment. That place is a zoo, no matter what day you go there. Everything was either too expensive (like $200) or ugly or too expensive and ugly. Went to H&M, knowing that I wouldn’t find anything either. I have no idea what I’ll wear and the wedding is 2 months away. So I’ll keep looking. A friend of mine, who works at the hospital I worked in for two years (my mom has worked there for like 17 years) is sick. I heard she is dying but still shows up to work smiling and being her wonderful self. If I posted about this before, Sorry. I think I will go to the hospital while I’m home next week to see her. The hospital is supposed to be closing in September. My mom is going to wait to be placed in another position so she can stay in the union. Hopefully she will be placed quickly.