Tomorrow is my last day of work. It feels so strange. I’ve really gotten into a routine there. I spoke to my old boss about getting me the job at EBG but I will find out my schedule when my clinic placement is set. I have to work in the clinic placement 12-15 hours a week. What is with professors taking so long to get the book list and syllabi out? School starts in 11 or 12 days. Geez, it will be my last year of law school. The time has flown by. I am taking the MPRE on friday. All my practice tests are good, so I should pass the test. I have a cold. Colds in the summer suck. It’s like the AC makes you feel worse because of your nose and then if it’s off, you sweat a lot. Still keeping up my workouts. I forced myself to do my 3rd day on Friday night actually Saturday morning about 12:45 AM. I have done two days so far this week I am supposed to do 4 workouts total then I’ll start the rotation calendar again. My muscles are a lot stronger and my shoulders are really hard when I flex. There is a little definition in the top of my stomach but the bottom is still a beast. My mom’s wedding is in 2 months. Hopefully I will look better by then, at least more toned.