Re: Ex-best friend.

I will not call her. Why? What she said and the way she treated me, and not just about my ring, was too hurtful and uncalled for. Someone said to me ‘once a bad friend, always a bad friend’, I agree. I’ve had issues with friends before and forgiven, only for them to act like an asshole again. So while I do believe in forgiving when someone asks for it and actually seems like they are remorseful, I will not grovel at anyone’s feet and I refuse to call her as if I am conceding that her behavior was right. People treat you the way that you allow them to treat you. Don’t let anyone walk all over you, you’ll pay for it, I promise you that. If i had been even a little wrong, I would have apologized and I did in fact apologize for calling her crazy, even though her actions were crazy. This is like a bad break up. Picking at the scab is not a good idea, it only makes the scar worse…

I have an appointment with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. I need to find out if allergies or an ear infection is causing me to still feel dizzy. It’s not as bad as before but not sure if I am used to it or if the symptoms are better.


ETA: Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate her, I sort of pity her because she lost a good friendship over being too stubborn to apologize or explain what was going on. I told her during our final conversation that I wish good things for her because she deserves them and if I am not meant to share them with her then so be it. If we are no longer doing any good by being friends, I’d rather we not be. I’ll try not to speak of this again.

My trip to the ENT was so gross. I had impacted wax in my left ear. They use a vacuum to get it out. It was so loud, I fely violated but I don’t feel dizzy anymore already. I am not supposed to use q-tips because my ear canal is too small. I knew my canal was very small, I can’t even wear earbud headphones. Anyway, I am supposed to use a wet washcloth to clean the outer areas and leave the inner area alone. That will take getting used to but I never want to feel that ear vacuum again! I met this woman who said her 90 year old mother lives with her in an apartment, her brothers won’t take mom in and mom is ruining her house! She left the faucet on for God knows how long and flooded the place and then water started coming down to the apartment below theirs! How crazy is that!