well, I went to my MPRE reviw class from 10 till 3 today. That was a slow death. On the 3 train there this morning, I saw one of the Queer Eye guys, that was my first celeb spotting. He got on at Park Place and got off at Chambers (1 stop). When I saw him, my initial thought was that I had to call S (ex best friend) and tell her since she’s the only other person that I know watches the show, then of course I got depressed remembering that I no longer speak to S anymore. Then I had to take these dumb passport size pics to put on my admission ticket to the MPRE. I searched for a cute skirt in Old Navy, Gap, Express, Forever 21…nothing. I really still hate Old Navy clothes, they fit so generically. I have no idea how the go about cutting their clothes. 3/4 sleve shirt in size small reaches about 3 inches from my wrist which looks more likea long sleeve shirt that is way too short, than 3/4 sleeve. Skirt’s waist is huge and yet way too tight around thighs…eww. Clothes shopping has made me feel so fat lately. Did I mention that my 3 workouts a week for the past 2.5-3 weeks have led to a 4 pound weight gain!!!!I doubt that it’s all muscle so WTF, I’m not eating that much junk anymore and I usually eat decent size portions. I’ll wait till I hit the 4 or 6 week mark and if I’m not say 142 by then, then I’ll know something is really wrong with me.