So I went in to see the head of the employment law division yesterday, she offered to give EBG a call to get me a part-time job there in the fall. So cool! Chances are I could get an associate position that way. I checked and starting salary was 105K, wow. Was not expecting that. I know I will have to work my ass off to get that money, but I can go through hell for 2 years, I have done it before.

They took us to Six Flags Great Adventure today, so damn juvenile to me. I’m no longer an amusement park fan. In college, I went on this roller coaster in Kings Dominion or Dorney Park and the safety bar didn’t come all the way down and the jackass that was checking it, didn’t check mine, so I had to keep my elbows on the bar to try to hold it down. I swore I would go flying out. So ever since, I’ve been a little apprehensive. Two girls and I went shopping in a nearby outlet instead of going on rides. That was fun. I have a weird tan. It looks sick. I had a tank on so the tan line is the neckline of the tank. Work again tomorrow.