So excited. Didn’t get to post last night. I got the biggest proverbial “pat on the back” at work yesterday. A case that I was working on in Employment Law was dismissed by the EEOC. I wrote the majority of the position statement that the company filed. I feel so accomplished. The atty I was working with told me I did a great job and even acknowledged that to the big boss in the dept. and she told him to extend congrats to me and to tell my to put it on my resume. Yea! It was all through email and I am so silly, I printed it out.

I am actually not hating the idea of being a litigator if it comes down to it. My mind is so cyclical. One day, I hate an idea, then I love it. I get paid on friday and I think I deserve a Dooney, I’ll get the least expensive (but still real, LOL) one that I can find. I bought a really cute pair of brown peep-toe sandal pumps yesterday to finally be able to wear these brown pants I bought last summer but refused to wear with black shoes…of course I try on the damn pants and they are too tight, what a waste. Oh well, another excuse to buy clothes. I actually saw a pair of brown pants at H & M, yesterday but didn’t think I should get them, not that you can’t have too much brown, but the shoes are definitely Spring/Summer/Early Fall shoes.

I don’t think I have much else to say, oh wait. Did I mention that I am sticking to my workouts for the most part, eating better for the most part and LOL I gained another 2 Friggin pounds. I keep telling myself it’s all muscle, but how much muscle can one gain in 2 weeks? I will ignore it and press on. I am liking working out again. Lets see how long it lasts!