I am going dress shopping today with my mom. We’re both going to look for wedding dresses but her wedding is in December 2005, I feel like I may here dueling banjos or something. I mean how often do you hear about a mother and daughter both shopping for wedding dresses at the same time?

I have been working on my finances. I bought this book that I saw someone else on Xanga reading “The Wealthy Barber.” I am going to start investing in mutual funds and get a drip account with GE and maybe Exxon. I don’t need to be a millionaress, but I do want to be wealthy and retire comfortably by the age of 55. Then I’ll still be young enough to travel and everything. I also plan to invest in real estate. In the NYC metro area, real estate is so expensive but very profitable if you own it and rent it to someone else OR buy it low and flip it at a higher price. I plan to try both. I have some very ambitious goals for my bank account and a girl can never have too many diamonds or designer handbags and shoes. I have only 1 coach bag and 1 Louis Vuitton bag so far. (Both were gifts actually). I am planning on getting a Dooney and Burke wristlet. I am really trying not to spend $350 on a nice bag though. Paycheck-wise, I can totally afford it but I still feel guilty. I keep telling myself to wait until after graduation and I have a permanent job.