worked out again today. I am feeling good and picking up the exercises well. I feel good. Hopefully it will only take me 2 or 3 months to lose the 15-20 pounds I want to lose. Yes, it sounds like a lot but I want to be a maximum of 130 lbs. I think I will keep up my exercising because I feel good about myself, it is tough but I am feeling stronger.


Did I mention that my mom is stealing my wedding ideas? I think I did. On Saturday we are going to look at wedding dresses. How weird that we will both be looking for wedding dresses at the same time! Work is going well. I didn’t leave until 6:15 last night. I was helping an attorney put together this position statement that I helped write that was sent to the EEOC. I was so proud albeit tired and a bit frustrated that he didn’t tell me it was due that day until about 12 pm. We got it done though and mailed off. I still have not started studying for the MPRE. I never have time, and I refuse to give up my workout hour for that.


I made an appointment with and Ear, Nose and Throat specialist for August 2nd. I have been sick lately, as you already know, but I threw up at work on Tuesday. My mom is convinced that I am pregnant. But the three pregnancy tests including the one at the hospital and the fact that I am on birth control…all lead me to believe I am not  pregnant. I may have a problem with my ear, like a weird ear infection. I have read that the symptoms I have can be caused by ear problems. Lets hope the doctor has good news for me.

I found a few judges I want to apply with. I also bough Guerrila Tactics to Get your Dream Law Job or something like that. That will have to become my bible to get a job I want. I really want to work with my current company or clerk with a judge for the experience.