Starting my post-law school job search. I am going to apply everwhere but not sure where I’ll end up. Anyone know a lawyer or judge in NYC or Northern NJ that wants a new attorney that is eager to learn and work hard?


On an up note, I worked out as soon as I got home today, this makes Saturday and Monday. Saturday 51 minutes and today 50 minutes. I am doing the Firm box set. I hit my highest weight recently. I won’t post it. Thank God, I am an hourglass and most people think I weigh much less than I actually do. SO I don’t look overweight, I just feel it. Technically since I am 5’7″ I am a “normal weight” but I like to weigh in the 120s or even 130s again but totally toned with more muscle. I am hoping to keep this up for a long time, I am trying to get up to 5 days a week until I get to my goal and then cut back to 3 days a week for maintainence.