When life sucks, it really sucks. My mom’s planning her wedding and even before she decided she was getting married, she was not excited about mine. Probably wouldn’t care if I got my wedding dress without her or anything. I’m not exaggerating either; this is after all the woman who told me she didn’t see why I needed to go to law school. Totally unsupportive. Don’t even ask about my dad, he thinks that 5K is enough to have a nice wedding in NYC. Maybe in 1975. So, it’s almost official that we will be on our own with paying for our wedding. My fiancé refuses to just have a small, family only wedding. So, I get stuck stressing out over how to plan with champagne taste and a beer budget….I really like the company I am working for right now. They just started a program where they hire new law school grads BUT my grades aren’t what they require so I may not really be in the running even though I can do the job and would work my ass off. My supervisor today told me that she’s sad to see me go (I start my new rotation next week) and that I’m going a great job. Life is interesting. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, it does. There are other issues too but I’ll spare those details. Anyone care to share a pot of tea and sympathy. Misery loves company.