Thanks everyone for commenting on my last post. Funny thing is that this girl was my best friend, as in we’d been friends since 3rd grade and at first I honestly thought some other drama was going on for her to act this way. I don’t care anymore either way because she had the nerve to comment on something that means a lot to me (my profession) and I was not having that. Her comment made me upset because she basically made it sound like I would not be professional when in court etc. and she has no idea what she is talking about. That comment made me feel like she was all around jealous of me for whatever reason. I have worked ridiculously hard for EVERYTHING I have gotten in life; virtually nothing has been easy for me so I know I deserve all the good that comes out of my hard work. My fiancé has been one of my best friends, other than this girl, for the past 7.5 years. I have other close friends who are so happy for me, that her comment will not ruin this special time for me at all. Oh well, now I need a new Maid of Honor. LOL.

My new AIM Away message is in honor of this ex-friend. “Karma=when a bitch gets what she deserves” 🙂