So my best friend and I are no longer speaking. She felt compelled to tell me on the day that I got my new engagement ring that she didn’t think it was pretty and that it was not my style. Funny thing is, I didn’t ask her opinion; when people complement me on my ring, I say thank you but I don’t solicit comments about it, even though pics of it are posted on PS and other websites I frequent, it’s mainly so that people who have been involved in the process can see it. Anyway, so I told her that she hurt my feeling by saying what she did at the time she chose to say it and get this, the nut job decides that I am on her shit list and that she wants no further contact with me. LOL. Oh well, it’s sad that she is acting jealous. I am always happy for her when something good happens, why be jealous. I know that I deserve to be happy and people you love should be happy for you also. So now we’re no longer friends and my Cozumel trip is unofficially off. I am trying to figure out a way to scam a trip. LOL. One of my friends works for an airline company and I can probably get tickets to Florida or maybe Puerto Rico, but I don’t speak to him often and I doubt my fiance would want me getting tickets from him. (Long story).

I am so into this ring, I love the elevators at my job because my ring sparkles like crazy in the elevator lights, so many colors. So our new Sony Wega 34″ TV makes the furniture and everything else in the living room look so shabby, it’s funny how that happens. My new ring makes me look poor. My clothes are not worthy of my engagement ring. That sounds weird right but at least I’m investing in weekly manicures. It’s a start.