First week of internship is done. I like the department I’m in. I am doing some meaningful work, no writing yet. I think I may get to do a draft of a position statement for one case. I don’t know if they hire right out of law school, but if they do, I would love to work in my department. They seem very friendly, the company has a good maternity leave policy and two of the lawyers that I’ve met are pregnant. That is a good sign. I like my job, just wished it didn’t take so long to get here. I so need to start working out again but I have no energy. So I’ve been living with my fiance for almost a month now and funny enough, it’s not that different. Sure we see each other everyday but it’s like a natural transition. We may bicker a bit but we’re really comfortable living together. I can’t wait until we can but a condo or house in NJ. My fiance made me dinner yesterday, it was so sweet. He pretended that he hadn’t cooked when I called to tell him to pre-heat the oven while I was walking home. It was a very nice surprise.