Interesting news…My mom is engaged and she and R have been together for about a month. No comment. I’m glad my mom is happy. R seems cool and my little sister likes him and he has his own business. I know who’ll be fixing my non-existent car. LOL. I’m glad I won’t have to worry about paying for crap like that. I know car repairs can cost so much money that it’s not worth having a car. I went to the dentist today. Yuck. I had to send my precious (engagement ring setting) to the jeweler and the post office annoyed me to death. The process took so long I might just go to Fed Ex/Kinkos next time because no one knows anything at the post office. One person says, “no you need a different box” then I get a different box and the other one goes “no you need your own personal box” did I mention that was the first damn box? I didn’t have to bitch though, the second lady saw the exasperation on my face. So now to wait for the ring to come back, then insure it and then wait for my fiance to “present” it to me. I think he wants to re-propose. I like my original proposal, it’s not spectacular but it was sweet.