This weekend was interesting. On friday, D, his mother, his sisters, niece and nephew and I along with his mother’s two foster kids went on a tour of a Navy ship that one of his sisters is stationed on. It was so fun. We were climbing up and down the stairs of the ship, we took pics but I forgot my camera so D’s mom bought a disposable camera. D and I took 2 pics. We never take pics together. Then on Saturday it was his niece’s 1st birthday party. It was so fun even with the rain. We ate lots of food and had a great time. here are a few pics.

that’s the birthday cake. It has the birthday girl’s pic on it.

this pic of the birthday girl and one of her aunts.

this pic is of the birthday girl and Bud, the family dog.

this one has Xenise, Stephan and his mom and me.

this one is of D’s mom and two of here grandkids, Xenise and Stephan.

last pic is of me and D.